Fuck Everything

from by Dan Bull

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Fuck gongs
Fuck the beginning of songs
and fuck you if you're not singing along
Fuck right
Fuck wrong
Fuck ping
Fuck pong
Fuck weak
Fuck strong
Fuck king
Fuck kong
Fuck the internet
Fuck Twitter
Fuck Reddit
Fuck ridiculously quick scrolling end credits
Fuck rickrolls
Fuck memes
Fuck The Game
Fuck sex
Fuck pleasure
Fuck pain
Fuck cancer
Fuck looking for an answer
And fuck this new breed of YouTube prankster
Fuck gangstas
Fuck the police
Fuck NWA
Fuck your beliefs
Fuck war
Fuck peace
Fuck north
Fuck east
Fuck south
Fuck west
Fuck more
Fuck less
Fuck bums
Fuck breasts
Fuck school
Fuck tests
Fuck work
Fuck play
Fuck rest
Fuck meditation
Fuck stress
Fuck the way you talk
the way you think
Fuck the way you dress
Fuck failure
Fuck success
Fuck life
Fuck death
Fuck no
Fuck yes
Fuck menstrual cramps
Fuck collecting stamps
Fuck banks
Fuck saying please
and fuck thanks
Fuck Ant
Fuck Dec
Fuck PJ and Duncan
Fuck democrats
Fuck GOP republicans
Fuck shyness
Fuck confidence
Fuck incompetence
and fuck accomplishments
Fuck Catholics
Fuck Protestants
Fuck the sea
Fuck the ice caps
Fuck continents
Fuck nuclear weapons
Fuck disarmament
Fuck the monarchy
Fuck parliament
Fuck the Tories
and fuck Labour
Fuck asking for help
Fuck doing someone else a favour
Fuck tastebuds
Fuck flavours
Fuck Remington's range of electric shavers
Fuck beards
Fuck hipsters
Fuck queers
Fuck the popping sounds coming from my ears
Fuck the elderly
Fuck the disabled
Fuck convoluted train timetables
Fuck puberty
Fuck mosquitos
Fuck filibusting politicians
Fuck vetos
Fuck Pepsi
Fuck Coke
Fuck being serious
and fuck jokes
Fuck puns
Fuck irons
Fuck irony
Fuck illiteracy
Fuck libraries
Fuck copyright law
Fuck piracy
Fuck the surveillance state
Fuck privacy
Fuck poverty
Fuck charities
Fuck the movement towards gender pay parity
Fuck activism
Fuck apathy
Fuck flawless logic
Fuck fallacies
Fuck allergies
Fuck anarchy
Fuck order
Fuck straight lines
Fuck curves
Fuck corners
Fuck immigration
Fuck borders
Fuck dads
Fuck mums
Fuck sons
Fuck daughters
Fuck having hair
Fuck Gail Porter
Fuck air
Fuck earth
Fuck water
Fuck the poor
Fuck the rich
Fuck a whore
Fuck a bitch
Fuck informers and snitches
Fuck giving them stitches
Fuck words
Fuck pictures
Fuck Churchill
Fuck Hitler
Fuck gingers
Fuck feet
Fuck metres
Fuck inches
Fuck decimals and integers
Fuck the Prime Minister
Fuck fires
and fuck fire extinguishers
Fuck the nematodes in vinegar
Fuck advertising campaigns that feature Gary Lineker
Fuck the proles
fuch the bourgeoisie
Fuck letters
Fuck a
Fuck b
Fuck c
Fuck one
Fuck two
Fuck three
Fuck poo
Fuck wee
Fuck you
Fuck me
Fuck swearing
Fuck hypocrisy
Fuck family friendly
Fuck controversy
Fuck lies
Fuck honesty
Fuck doing things wrong
Fuck doing things properly
Fuck Douglby
Fuck broccoli
Fuck advanced breakthroughs in medical technology
Fuck animal research
Fuck animal rights
Fuck automatics
Fuck manual drive
Fuck obeying the rules
and fuck crime
Fuck physics
Fuck space
Fuck time
Fuck rhyme
Fuck Stephen Hawking
Fuck slow walking
Fuck uptalking
Fuck abortion clinics
Fuck foetuses
Fuck vaginas
Fuck penises
Fuck the MRAs
Fuck the feminists
Fuck the army
Fuck civilians
and fuck terrorists
Fuck optimists
Fuck pessimists
Fuck being sexually vanilla
Fuck fetishes
Fuck paedophiles
Fuck children
Fuck flying hijacked planes into buildings
Fuck being offensive
Fuck being offended
Fuck ****ing censorship
Fuck being so sensitive
Fuck my friends
Fuck acquaintances and enemies
Fuck my fans
Fuck my family
Fuck anybody
Fuck Muslims
Fuck Jews
Fuck Christians
Atheists, fuck you
Fuck nice people
Fuck jerks
Fuck school
Fuck work
Fuck Miley Cyrus trying to twerk
Fuck nerds
Fuck jocks
Fuck shoes
Fuck socks
Fuck the English
Fuck the Irish, Welsh and the Scots
Fuck stores
Fuck shops
Fuck pork
Fuck chops
Fuck floors
Fuck mops
Fuck doors
Fuck locks
Fuck hip hop
Fuck pop
Fuck metal
Fuck bees
Fuck wasps
Fuck nettles
Fuck smooth complexions
Fuck freckles
Fuck black pots
Fuck kettles
Fuck black people
Fuck white people
Fuck apartheid
and fuck being equal
Fuck sharks
Fuck bald eagles
Fuck fucking all three Star Wars prequels
Fuck free will
Fuck determinism
Fuck freedom of the press
Fuck restricting journalism
Fuck repetition
Fuck repetition
Fuck the word fuck's dictonary definition
Fuck crack
Fuck pot
Fuck cats
Fuck dogs
Fuck chavs
Fuck goths
Fuck crabs
Fuck moths
Fuck colds
Fuck flu
Fuck coughs
Fuck this music
Fuck you
and fuck off
Fucking hell
No offense.


from Hip Hop Hooray, released January 13, 2017




Dan Bull Bromsgrove, UK

Dan Bull is a man who says words in pleasing patterns. You can listen to them here, and on YouTube. This sentence is about guns, in order to make this biography more interesting.

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